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Ample Training have been associated with some of the Large MNC Corporate Houses in India, as their Reliable Training Partner for close to a Decade (10 + Years) for the CPA Program.
As part of the CPA Corporate Training Program, we offer the following Options:
  1. In- House Live Classroom Training wherein the Schedules & Course Delivery are tailor-made (customized) as per the Client Requirements.
  2. Open House Live Classroom Training where the Schedules & Course Delivery Modules are preset.
  3. Distance Learning.  

For all our Corporate Accounts/Relationships, we work very closely with the HR/L&D Teams of our Clients in order to provide a seamless & effective Training solution that gets them maximum Pass/Success Rates. We conduct Mock Tests periodically, at Regular Intervals throughout the Course, the Results of which are share with the HR/L&D Teams giving them deep insights into their candidates' levels of preparedness for the Examinations.

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