Certified Internal Auditor

Being a CIA® means being at the forefront of your profession. The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA®) is a designation sponsored by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

For over 25 years the CIA® designation has reflected competence in the principles and practices of internal auditing and has served as the only internationally accepted designation for internal auditors worldwide.

The CIA® designation proves that you have a high level of technical expertise in internal auditing, including a thorough, global knowledge of operations that is an essential requirement for both executive management and members of the board of directors for accomplishing overall goals.

CIAs have the professional ability to efficiently control, identify risks, examine remedies with respect to current practice of internal auditing, and understand the 21st century management principles.

Course Details

Who Should Apply?

Ideal candidates are professionals in a business related field who are relatively new to the discipline of internal auditing.
The CIA® designation represents real added value and an edge to auditors of all levels and to anyone interested in a future career in internal audit, including:

  1. Audit Managers and Audit Staff
  2. Risk Management Staff
  3. Chief Audit Executives
  4. Students pursuing accounting, finance or business related degrees

Why become a CIA®?

Because the CIA® designation is a strong statement of your competence in current internal auditing and managerial practices, it will make you stand out in your organization, giving you the confidence you need to climb higher up the corporate ladder.

The CIA® designation is internationally recognized and constantly renewed every year through an ongoing requirement to fulfill continuing education credits, proving that you are constantly aware of the most up-to-date information while demonstrating a solid commitment to your field.

When you earn the CIA®, you earn a competitive edge in the global job market for employment in banks, financial corporations, governmental institutions, universities, private and public audit companies, and accounting firms, along with higher bargaining power and broader professional horizon.

Whats Covered?

A modern designation warrants a modern assessment and so the CIA® Exam is computer-based allowing you to test year-round at more than 500 locations worldwide. To make the CIA® Exam more manageable for candidates, it is divided into 3 parts that assess the depth of knowledge that the candidate has obtained on internal auditing and its multiple facets. The exam parts include:

Part 1 Exam: Internal Audit Basics

• Mandatory Guidance
• Internal Control/Risk
• Conducting Internal Audit Engagements – Audit Tools and Techniques

Part 2 Exam: Internal Audit Practice

• Managing the Internal Audit Function
• Managing Individual Engagements
• Fraud Risks and Controls

Part 3 Exam: Internal Audit Knowledge

• Governance / Business Ethics
• Risk Management
• Organizational Structure/Business Processes and Risk
• Communication
• Management / Leadership Principles
• IT / Business Continuity
• Financial Management
• Global Business Environment

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