We are the Oldest Franchisee for Becker Professional Education in the Karnataka Region for the U.S. CPA Course.
For the CMA, Ample is one of a select group of Wiley-IMA approved training provider in India.
Ample leverages their partnership with Wiley-IMA Platinum training provider, Morgan International,
to deliver the best in-class training solutions for CMA.

Vision & Mission

Guided by Relentless Focus on our Ideals, we will Constantly Strive to Implement the Critical Initiatives required to Achieve our Vision of being the Largest & Most Respected Provider of Professional Review Courses/Programs in the Region. In doing this, we will Deliver Operational Excellence in every Corner of the Company and Meet or Exceed our Commitments to the Many Constituencies we Serve. All of our Long-term Strategies and Short-term Actions will be Moulded by a Set of Core Values that are Shared by Each and Every Associate.

Ample aim to be  Leaders among Educational Institutions in the field of Accounting and Finance by Building on its Traditions of Innovation and Academic & Industry Collaborations to meet the Changing Needs of Society.

International Partners

Ample have Teamed up with World Leading Course Providers and Societies to Provide Students with Superior Training and help them in Successfully Preparing for Some of the World’s Most Renowned Designations. In brief, through our Association with Morgan International, www.morganintl.com, we are:

  • The Licensees of Becker Professional Education for Karnataka, for the U.S. CPA (Certified Public Accountant) & ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Courses.
  • The First Platinum Provider for Wiley’s CMA Review across the Region.